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Business is risky and trading in stock exchange is dicey. Penny stocks are unpredictable than the shares traded on main stock exchange markets. My name is Darlene J. Clark and I am a penny Stock investor from the last many years and on this website I would like to share my penny stock business experience with you.

Marijuana stocks weekly watchlist

Marijuana Stocks Weekly – Hot Stock Watch List


GW Pharmaceuticals – GWPH

On Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Friday, he devoted an entire segment of the show to share a very positive if not glowing perspective on the company’s future. Morgan Stanley analysts also last week shared a bullish price target of $103. Another factor for investors to consider is that  GWPH is a lucrative option for institutional buyers boxed out of investing in most other marijuana-related companies as they are penny stocks. GW Pharma certainly shows promise as an investment and the company’s stock trades on the NASDAQ, not the OTC.

Seeking new high, Cramer turns to cannabis

Terra Tech – TRTC

Terra Tech’s plans and marijuana-based initiatives in Las Vegas Nevada were highlighted this week in an article at The Verge online. CEO Derek Peterson reveals in the article that he believes the Las Vegas marijuana market could be anywhere from $600 million to $1.5 billion, representing a massive opportunity for the company. Terra Tech has applied for cultivation and dispensary licenses in Nevada and investors remain hopeful that these licenses will come to fruition helping to firmly establish Terra Tech as a major player in this highly lucrative market.

High rollers: Las Vegas is poised to become the Disneyland of weed

Abattis Bioceuticals – ATTBF

Abattis revealed a new addition to its vertically integrated business model in its acquisition of a 34% interest in Instant Payment Systems LLC, a Washington state entity focused on payment processing for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Mike Withrow, CEO of Abattis stated “This transaction enables the company to provide a valuable service and solves a problem to an unmet need for dispensaries of medical marijuana and other botanical medicines. The IPS cards and phone apps can be branded and loyalty programs can be used so the patients save money and can maintain a budget while managing their purchases of Medical Marijuana. The system also protects dispensaries from carrying cash as funds are automatically credited to their accounts. It is becoming clear that investors understand our comprehensive business model. We are not just about cultivation. We look forward to integrating this technology into our Washington State Lab model. We believe the use of this system by dispensaries will become the minimum standard requirement for dispensaries worldwide. We wished to thank the investment community for its support through our recent period of growth.”


Abattis continues to be my strongest recommendation for investors looking for an MJ company establishing itself to reap the rewards of the changing legal landscape of marijuana both in Canada and the US. The company has shared with investors that it is in progress towards acquiring MMPR licensing and also seeking a Canadian controlled substances license, both which I believe will be very positive catalysts for ATTBF.

In full disclosure, ATTBF has become my largest MJ portfolio holding.

Abattis Announces the Acquisition of 34% Interest in Instant Payment Systems LLC 

Abattis looks to be MMJ sector’s next banker – Stockhouse

Growlife – PHOT

The MJ investing community continues to wonder if PHOT will be able to conquer the challenge that was handed to them by the shocking SEC suspension last month. Despite the company’s assertion that the suspension was out of their control, the stock price has suffered greatly and now it seems only the bravest believers in PHOT’s potential to return to the OTC are buying and holding the company’s stock.

After a press release from the company stating that directors had cancelled their stock grants for Q1 and restructured director compensation, the pps rose to a new level of support closing the week at .19.

PHOT however continues to suffer the penalties of a difficult trading environment while it trades on the grey market. The grey market trading for PHOT will continue until a market maker files application to trade the company OTC. While the best hopes of investors is that that could happen within the month of May, there is not yet any evidence that this will be the case.

The company was featured this weekend on a video segment at The Street online where they explain the situation facing the company and reveal some exclusive interview details from Growlife CEO Sterling Scott who indicates he “believes the company will fully recover from the federally induced hiatus.”

MJ Stocks Still Suffer Increased Scrutiny and Dank Doubts – The Street

GrowLife Establishes Board Governance Policies, Restructures Compensation for Independent Directors


PHOT email inquiries:

PHOT Investor Hotline 866-632-3111

Medican – MDCN

Medican is focused on becoming a commercially licensed producer of marijuana in Canada. The company’s stock, MDCN however, continues its downward trend of the last few weeks and now stands at levels not seen since February of this year. I think that the company has a great focus of facilitating large scale MJ production and real estate acquisition and partnership to that end, but investors are awaiting more information on the company’s financing prospects, and are currently in absence of information pertaining to progress on their MMPR license application progress.


In the links below, I have included author and investor Matt Finston’s bullish case for MDCN. I follow Matt’s writing closely and recommend you follow too as he is actively researching and making calls for MJ-related companies that he believes have the most potential to succeed over time. You can follow Matt’s writing on Seeking Alpha and on Twitter.

Retrofit of 400,000 Square Foot Cultivation Facility

Medican: where the future of healthcare is growing

SA Author Matt Finston’s article – Canadian Marijuana Stocks: Medican And IHMML Give Investors A Reason To Be Bullish – April 8

Best Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stocks are highly volatile and there are a few things to consider while searching for the most lucrative penny stock options. You need to keep in mind that all stock investments are risky and the level of risk varies in every investment. You can become sure about investing in penny stocks and increase your chances to make good money by finding the most rewarding stocks. The main way to pick the right stock is to research and track all the details about penny stock market. You need to check out the stocks having high probability to get high price in penny stock market. Investors need to buy and sell on the right time to avoid any losses.

You can pick up the best penny stocks through the picks given by experts. It doesn’t mean that those picks will give you 100% accurate results, but you can make money with your investments by combining your research with the penny stock picks. There are many people discouraging you to buy these stocks due to the risks involved in them. They can’t make full researches and choose bad stocks, which can lead them towards the worst chances to make money. Everyone wants good money from their investments, but there are only a few people willing to work for it.

Penny Stocks include long term investments and you need to be fully involved with the trends of the market to get success in your venture. These stocks have huge capability to make your money double or triple, but you require applying your mind in deciding the right companies to make investments. Best penny stock picks are available at many websites and many of them are offered free of cost. You need to be a smart investor and choose the companies with positive reputation. Paid picks are also available, but the source you choose as a recommendation matters the most in determining your success rate for investments.

Best Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Investment System

Penny stocks usually have stock value less than 5 dollar or 1 pound in the US and the UK market. These investments are risky, but it can earn high rewards, if right shares are purchased. There are many worthless penny stocks and you should refrain from purchasing them as it will ultimately lead to losses. Investors can even get their money doubled or tripled within a few days and penny stocks can ultimately prove out to be a boon for them.

Penny Stock Investments are Risky

Business is risky and trading in stock exchange is dicey. Penny stocks are unpredictable than the shares traded on main stock exchange markets. They have low liquidity and cheap prices. There are very less penny stocks, which can actually fetch good money for you. Some good penny stocks are less risky and can be doubled or tripled within less time. There are some new companies, which float their shares and want to attain a good mark in the stock exchange. The shareholder value increases for promising companies and they ultimately lead to positive results for your investments.

Buy Tips and Newsletters

Penny Stocks can be traded with fullest research and following stock tips. You can get paid views of experts regarding the best stocks available and analyze the future predictions according to the view of experts. It eventually saves time and energy of the investor and makes them aware of the most productive options for investment. The price range of penny stocks is $0.10-5 and the companies have low market capitalization. There are heavy investments made in some stocks and you should beware of such companies as it can ultimately lead you towards fraudulent brokers. Penny Stocks have a huge probability to give you best offers, but you need to grab them well and get ahead with most lucrative investments to gauge success.

Penny Stock Investment System

Find out Most Reliable Penny Stock Option on Web

There are many considerations to make investment choices and you can make full research to find out the most reliable penny stocks available online. There are many tips you can get from your friends or near ones. It will be actually a fun experience to deal with penny stocks and they will certainly lead you towards the real opportunities to increase your investment. If you have decided to get into the world of penny stocks, you should know the fact that this stream requires RESEARCH to look for different opportunities.

There are many good websites to get ideas about the most rewarding penny stocks. There are only two percent penny stocks having actual worth for purchase. Penny stock recommendations from experts are actually well researched and you can rely on them to make further investigations about the company. It is good to rely on penny stock agencies, but you need to apply your own brain to do the smart work and lead towards the ways to find best penny stocks. Penny stocks are preferred by people because they have low investments associated with them. However, the risks are also higher due to low liquidity and high volatility in penny stock market. You can begin your research and get appropriate results through the penny experts.

There are many websites having good reputation in the market and there are larger levels of getting success with these sites. The recommendations are based on the actual status of the companies. You can subscribe with paid alerts to get most rewarding results based on your personal penny stock investments. There are many sites offering free tips for investment, but those should not be preferred because they are meant to fool the investors and take them in the trap of fraud. Internet gives you most preferred ways to make penny stock investments and you can rely on the best sources to get success.

Find out Most Reliable Penny Stock Option on Web